ESIO: Indie Booth Sponsorship Package

Game Con Canada understands the crucial role independent video game developers play in shaping the gaming landscape, and in a stride toward championing their talent, the GCC team is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking initiative. Through collaborative efforts with ESIO, we have secured 10 turnkey expo booths, specifically tailored to showcase the ingenious creations of these developers. These booths will not only serve as a vibrant stage for their games but will also feature a QR code readily accessible for attendees to scan, guiding them to the Game Con Canada Steam event. This innovative approach not only provides a platform for indie developers to shine but also fosters an immersive experience for attendees, bridging the gap between creators and enthusiasts within the gaming community.


Thank you for submitting your application to participate in the Game Con Canada Indie Booth Sponsorship. Filling out an application does not guarantee your studio a booth. Our management team will be reviewing each application and will contact you about your submission.
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